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Ellen Wilson, Washington, DC

Its proximity to the U.S. Capitol made the Ellen Wilson neighborhood one of the most urgent symbols of the Nation's failed public housing policy. Vacant since 1988, Ellen Wilson had become home to squatters and drug addicts. Telesis became the lead member of a revitalization team to plan and develop a new neighborhood.

In 1993, a $25 million HOPE VI grant was awarded to the project based on an urban plan developed by Telesis that created 134 new cooperative ownership units, a community center, and 13 market-rate townhouses. A construction training program employed area residents during the demolition and building of the new neighborhood. The community, now fully occupied, serves a mix of incomes from less than $9,000 to over $90,000.

With an elegance that complements the historic architecture of Capitol Hill, Ellen Wilson has received seven national awards for excellence in design and construction.