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Paradise at Parkside, Washington, DC

Dubbed a "war zone" and "the largest open air drug market in the East Coast," Parkside epitomized the decline of urban neighborhoods in the 1980s. The neighborhood development, begun in the 1940s, was completed in 1967 to fulfill the community vision of the African American architect and developer Albert Cassell.

In 1985, Telesis partnered with residents to rebuild their community. We structured a complex mix of over $21 million in public and private financing, rebuilt a now thriving 653-unit complex at Paradise, and built and sold 100 new, affordable townhouses next door.

We established an on-site residential police presence following the Japanese Koban model and employed over 100 residents in the redevelopment of their neighborhood. We built a community center with a computer lab, health care center, and day care. And we landscaped beautiful grounds with fountains and playgrounds. Today, children play happily where drug dealers once fought for turf.



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