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ABLA, Chicago, IL

The ABLA public housing complex began in 1938 with Jane Addams Homes. It is one of Chicago's oldest and largest public housing neighborhoods. Located on 100 acres in the City's Near West Side, the ABLA site was originally comprised of more than 3,600 units in four contiguous developments: Jane Addams Homes, Grace Abbott Homes, Robert Brooks Homes and its later extension, and Loomis Courts. ABLA has long been identified as one of the most physically distressed public housing developments in Chicago. At present, approximately 1,100 housing units of the 3,000 remaining units are occupied (to date, approximately 750 units have been demolished). And although it is surrounded by two dynamic institutions, the University of Illinois at Chicago to the East and the Illinois Medical District to the West; as well as bounded by Little Italy to the North - it has had little opportunity to reverse its own physical and community deterioration until now.

Telesis was responsible for creating revitalization plans for the 3,000-unit, $650 million revitalization, including nearly $60 million from HOPE VI funds, of the ABLA Homes community in Chicago, IL. Working alongside the ABLA Local Advisory Committee, the Habitat Company (Receiver), and the Chicago Housing Authority, Telesis developed a comprehensive master plan that established the means in which blighted public housing development could be converted into a beautiful mixed-income community. Telesis also developed a thorough plan for providing public housing residents the community and supportive services they need. Telesis is currently overseeing the implementation of the first phase of that plan with a special focus on employment programs.



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