The Russell neighborhood in Louisville was once one of the country’s capitals of jazz and blues and the neighborhood of Muhammad Ali. It is located near Louisville’s vibrant downtown and central business district.

In 1994 Telesis was asked by residents to become involved in the preservation and revitalization of their homes which were slated for demolition to make room for a high school football stadium. This affordable, large garden apartment complex spread across 20 acres. Telesis planned and financed the redevelopment of the complex into over 500 townhouse style apartments. The site includes a community-based health clinic and a non-profit food distribution center.

In 2015, the Russell neighborhood was awarded a Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning Grant to embark upon a comprehensive redevelopment plan. West Louisville stakeholders have advocated for reinvestment in Russell to address its economic, social, and physical needs in partnership with the community. Telesis is working with the Louisville Metro Housing Authority to prepare the Transformation Plan.