The residents of Carver Terrace, a privately-owned apartment complex in the Carver Langston neighborhood of Northeast DC, first approached Telesis in 1997 when their homes were set to be sold. At that time, the neighborhood was referred to as “Little Vietnam” because of the level of crime and violence. Telesis formed a partnership with the residents to buy the property and worked together to create a development plan and bring investment to the community. The housing restoration included 312 fully renovated units with superior space planning, a substantial increase in the number of large units, and extensive landscaping throughout.

While designing the planned improvements and marshalling financing, Telesis worked with the tenant association to establish and support numerous community programs, including resident participation in the construction of their new homes. The significant community and supportive service component is served by a new community center, which includes a computer lab, fitness center, space for youth and adult programs, and offices.