Bass Circle residents were faced with the loss and the physical deterioration of their homes on the 3.3 acre site of Bass Circle Apartments in Southeast DC near East Capitol Street.  

The residents of Bass Circle and the DC Department of Housing and Community Development selected Telesis to serve as the planner and developer for the restoration of the apartment complex. The Telesis team pulled together a creative mix of eight financing sources to undertake the redevelopment effort. 

Today Bass Circle is now well-preserved, transit-oriented, affordable housing that has helped stabilize the surrounding neighborhood while empowering its residents as part of the process of planning and rebuilding. The substantial rehabilitation of the buildings, innovative site work, and incorporation of highly-needed amenities has transformed the neglected neighborhood into a safe, sustainable, affordable, and desirable community for former residents and new families. The dramatic turnaround of this apartment community has contributed to a notable enhancement of civility and safety in the neighborhood.