The Jervay neighborhood is a major gateway to the city. In 2000, the Wilmington Housing Authority selected Telesis to lead the revitalization of Robert S. Jervay Place, a dense, barrack-style public housing complex of 30 buildings on 14.3 acres of land at the center of the neighborhood. Telesis worked closely with the Housing Authority, residents, and the community to obtain approval of the Revitalization Plan and Homeownership Plan and was responsible for all development aspects of the $33 million neighborhood transformation.

Robert S. Jervay Place is now one of the four communities within the Jervay redevelopment. These new, unique and distinctive communities consist of rental garden style apartments and townhomes, fee simple homes, a community center, and outdoor recreation areas. Jervay Place features an open green space for play and meeting. The communities were designed as walkable neighborhoods that provide easy access to neighborhood employment as well as cultural and recreational amenities.