Located on the peninsula between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the Arverne and Edgemere neighborhood is located in one of the most beautiful settings in New York City. However, the dense, mid-rise brick buildings were not connected to these natural assets. Vacant land, a former landfill, large institutional buildings and an elevated subway line isolated the neighborhood from job, education and recreational opportunities.

In 1997, the New York City Housing Authority selected Telesis as Program Manager for the Arverne and Edgemere Houses, a 1,800 unit, HOPE VI redevelopment project. Telesis developed a $165 million comprehensive revitalization plan that opens the neighborhood to its environment by creating physical connections between the bay and the beach and also identified services to help residents access the mainstream economy. The plan includes a redesign and substantial modernization of the existing housing, as well as new community space and recreation facilities, and major landscape and site improvements. Telesis also promoted a series of employment, construction training, business development, education, public safety and other supportive service programs.